Utilitaire Ride- Haircut

by nicole on 2012/02/15


It is hard getting a good photo of yourself in a bathroom mirror.

I had the good fortune of booking myself for a haircut just prior to reading about the Utilitaire challenge. When I made the appointment I thought it would just be another one of those Saturday errands I set out on my bike to do!

Like most of my Saturdays, this one was jam packed with errands on my bike despite some predictions of possible snow in the afternoon. I left the house on time for my Weight Watchers meeting for a change only to be confronted by a truck parked in the bike lanes adjacent to the Treasury building on 15th St. I try to report as many of these violations as possible and decided to take the time to stop and report this one with a 311 phone call. While I was finishing up on the phone, the driver of the truck actually approached me and told me I was in his way. I politely (really, I was polite… no f-bombs or anything) pointed out that only one of us was utilizing the appropriate vehicle for the lane and that he was in fact in my way and I had reported him to the city for a parking violation. Then his boss came over and started getting on my case, telling me he had the permission of the Secret Service to park there. I politely (again) pointed out it was a city street therefore the city would be dealing with. He decided to get hostile and said something along the lines of being careful about running those red lights. My first mug of tea was still 2/3 full and sitting on my handlebars so I was not properly caffeinated to provide the multiple surly (I do not ride a Surly for no good reason after all) comebacks forming in my head so I just glared and made a dramatic swing around the truck with my trailer into the oncoming traffic lane. At this point I discovered another truck parked behind the first. Instead of calling 311 again I took it up with the Secret Service officer standing there. Her response to my constructive suggestion the trucks park in the ample blocked off areas Secret Service controls or maybe in one of the many lanes where the cars go instead of the one lane where the bikes go was to turn her back on me. I have a feeling if she had not been in uniform she may have flipped me off.

So much for being on time to my meeting. I went to Weight Watchers then on to meet my friend Beth for breakfast. We had a leisurely breakfast and when we emerged nearly 90 minutes later the temperature had noticeably dropped.

I continued on to Adams Morgan to pick up the food I had ordered from my CSA, Star Hollow Farm. My Burley Travoy is perfect for this type of errand and I am looking forward to accessorizing with the Market Bags one of these days. My CSA is pretty perfect too. You set up an account then order what you want from what they have available. Ordering is done online on Wednesdays and they deliver to Adams Morgan on Saturday where there is a 4 hour pickup window. You can choose to have a box of farmer’s choice items just like a traditional CSA or you can order only what you want from what is available. There are no minimums and no requirements to order every week. You have to go an entire year without ordering before they will even talk to you about closing your account. When your account balance is under $25 they ask if you would like to renew or drop out. During spring through fall they also participate in a a Saturday farmers market at their pickup location. In the winter, they only come to town every other week which is a little sad but completely understandable. If there are additional items you pick up from them at the market (or some of the small stock they keep on the truck in the winter) you can just charge it to your account. I have been a member for about 5 years now. I also belong to a traditional CSA (May – November, you get what is available) and have been a member for 6 years as of this May. In fact, I just sent them my renewal check today!

Star Hollow

CSA pickup in Adams Morgan

After I was all loaded up I headed across Columbia Road and into Columbia Heights to buy pillows. As evidenced by the photo below, this was a success.

Bed, Bath, and Beyond

Pretty full trailer after some pillow purchasing at Bed Bath & Beyond

At this point, I probably had more than enough time to go home and then get to my haircut in time but I was starting to feel like if I went home I would likely stay there. I headed west again with the idea of going to Mt. Pleasant for some coffee at a place I had not tried out during the Coffeeneuring Challenge but I was distracted by the Pho sign on Park Rd and decided to stop in there for lunch instead. It was really crowded but I manged to get a seat at the bar where I was able to keep the Travoy mostly out of the way. The food was pretty tasty and hit the spot on a cold day.

Full and content, I reluctantly made my way out in the cold to head for my haircut. I arrived in the neighborhood still too early to go so decided to use a birthday coupon for a free beverage of my choice at a national chain coffee place. I opted for a birthday hot chocolate with a hit of caramel and half an hour of trying to catch up on some reading.

The threatened snow still had not arrived when I set off for my haircut, but there was a big snow squall while I was in the salon. It completely blew itself out by the time I was ready to go though so I did not have the opportunity to bike in it at all.

And there you have it- another Saturday, another ride full of Utilitaire categories. Today I managed “any store that is not a grocery store” (Weight Watchers, Bed Bath & Beyond), Breakfast or Lunch including Coffeeneuring (I managed all 3), and maybe CSA stop if I use it to replace a category instead of using farmers market. This one, however, is getting marked off in the haircut category. My stylist is very happy I am mostly sticking with the recommended trimming schedule for my hair, but it is every 8 weeks and with that timing I do not need to worry about having too many haircuts to fill up my control card during the 6 week challenge.

Ride Details
Week 2 of 6
Ride 2 of 2 (4 of 12 total)
Control Card Category: To get your haircut
Date: 2/11/2012
Destination: Parlour (if you have curly hair you can’t go wrong with Jannah!)
Miles Completed: 13.02
Night Ride?: no

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